Sex dating in wilhelm texas


Sex dating in wilhelm texas

Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on History of Sex in Cinema: The Greatest and Most Influential Sexual Films and Scenes (Illustrated) Sex education is instruction on issues relating to human sexuality, including emotional relations and responsibilities, human sexual anatomy, sexual activity, sexual.

Games Movies TV Wikis. Explore Wikis Community Central FANDOM University. Sign In Don't have an account? Random Character Jerry Seinfeld George Costanza Elaine Benes Cosmo Kramer More Newman Jacopo Peterman David Puddy Frank Costanza Estelle Costanza Morty Seinfeld Helen Seinfeld.

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Policies and Guidelines Manual of Style. Recent Blogs Community Forums. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images. Lists , Quotes , Seinfeld , Sayings. Can you guess this saying? Among the most well-known: Anti-dentite - someone who discriminates against dentists, which Kramer accuses Jerry of being.

Initially, she and Jerry want to buy chocolate babka, but the last one was purchased before they were able to get it; instead they decide on cinnamon babka. Boys - slang for semen. In "The Fix Up," after learning that the woman he dated missed her period, George exclaims, "I did it, my boys can swim! Bottle Wipe - When someone taking a sip of your water wipes the bottle thoroughly before taking the drink, despite having previously given you an open-mouthed kiss.

Not a good sign. Of course, he should have called out "Costanza" instead of "Cartwright". Aaron is a close talker. Kramer promoted his book when he went on Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee ; he ruined his interview, though, when he spit up coffee that he was drinking.

Costanza Leave Behind - Keys, gloves, scarf -- go back to her place to pick it up Coup de toe — George's comedy bit that Jerry performs unsuccessfully about the second toe outgrowing the big toe.

Delicate Genius - George repeatedly uses this term in " The Kiss Hello "; in most cases he was using it when referring to Wendy , a physical therapist. Double-dipper - a person who inserts chip into dip, takes a bite, and unhygenically re-dips the chip, thereby essentially putting the whole mouth in the dip. George's double-dipping causes a fight at a funeral. Dry heave set to music - used to describe Elaine's horrendous dancing.

Even Steven - a person [specifically Jerry in " The Opposite "] who always comes out even no matter what. For example, Jerry breaks even in Poker, loses a gig and then gets another one, throws a twenty dollar bill out the window and later finds twenty dollars. Festivus - a December holiday created by Frank Costanza to counteract the commercialism of those other December holidays. Fugitive sex - the one thing better than conjugal visit sex. Elaine did this to Kevin , The Bizarro Jerry ; he took extreme exception to it and broke up with her as a result.

Getting upset - used in the third person as in " George is getting upset! Self-reflective speech was initially a defining attribute of Jimmy " The Jimmy ".

He would occasionally pick up the phone and use "Go! George wore a Gore-Tex jacket in " The Dinner Party "; it is supposed to be a very warm fabric. The jacket gave him a puffed up appearance someone mockingly called him "puffball".

George had to sell his Gore-Tex jacket when he knocked over a few bottles of wine in a liquor store and was unable to pay for it. Jerry also wears a jacket made of Gore-Tex in " The Wife ". Hand sandwich -a type of layered handshake: George was so annoyed with the expression that he broke up with his girlfriend. This was eventually popular among Jerry, George, and Kramer. This was intended as a joke, as Kevin and Vargas share a laugh over it.

High talker - a person who speaks in an abnormally high pitch, usually to describe a male who sounds like a female. Often taken as "someone who is intellectual and spirited, knowing the real design of life and not caring at all. Kramer also uses it to express surprise or awe throughout the series. Money For People - a fictional charity made up by George in order to save on spending for actual Christmas presents.

After having donated people's presents to the Human Fund, his boss, Mr. Kruger , decides that the company should make a significant contribution and thinks the Human Fund is a worthy cause. As a result, George becomes an overnight philanthropist.

Such as when he was pestering Elaine to have her friend fix him up with Marisa Tomei and she said, "But you're engaged. He says it twice, because he is short-changed by temporary shrinkage of his genitals. Kibosh — Crazy Joe Davola said he would put the kibosh on Jerry for ruining his deal with NBC, which throws Jerry and Kramer into a panic.

Joe said, "I have kiboshed before, and I will kibosh again. Said by George when trying to verbally confront Jerry, Elaine and Susan in a Movie Theatre they're not even in.

Also said by Jackie Chiles in the Series Finale when describing the carjacker. This can have very adverse effects, especially when Jerry was 'low-talked' into wearing a puffy shirt on The Today Show. Of course he never was. Make-up sex —the sex when making up after an argument, which is the best type other than conjugal visit sex and fugitive sex. Man hands - phrase to describe a woman's hands when they are 'less than feminine.

Mimbo - a male bimbo, specifically used by Jerry to describe Tony , one of Elaine's many boyfriends. Moops - a typo for "Moors" on a Trival Pursuit card; George seized upon it to deny the Bubble Boy the win. Mulva - the name Jerry guessed for a woman he was dating whose name he couldn't remember, all he knew was that it rhymed with a part of a woman's anatomy. After she stormed off in a huff because he couldn't remember her name, he realized it was Dolores.

The word "soup" may be replaced with the object at hand; the reference to the show can still be very obvious if the speaker uses the correct tone of voice. Postal Service truck catches fire while he is driving at night. Newman is repeating the famous radio call of the Hindenberg disaster by Herb Morrison.

Pop-in - the act of visiting without invitation or notification. Jerry claims to dislike the "pop-in" but has no choice as George, Elaine, and especially Kramer often "pop in" to his apartment. Queen of the castle - used to describe woman's Elaine's fortitude in refraining from masturbation; feminine form of "master of my domain.

Ribbon Bully - someone who forces to you wear a red AIDS ribbon. Schmoopie - nauseatingly sweet term of affection used by couples for each other, as in "I love you, Schmoopie! Unfortunately, when one uses the "serenity now" method of anger management, the person swallows the anger until it reaches a critical level and he or she explodes.

Lloyd Braun claims that this is how he was driven insane: Sexual camel - someone who can go long periods between sex. Shrinkage - the shrinking of a man's specifically George Costanza penis in cold water.

Slip one past the goalie - to impregnate a woman, as phrased by Jerry in response to Kramer's lament that he had never done it. Soup Nazi - rude and gruff restaurateur who would kick clients out for not following procedures, declaring, "No soup for you! Spongeworthy - that a potential sexual partner is particularly worthy; in the original episodes, being "spongeworthy" meant Elaine was willing to use one of her limited supply of no longer produced contraceptive Today sponges with this person.

Stopping short - the technique of a driver of a car usually male who slams on the brakes, in order to get a cheap feel of the person in the passenger seat. Frank Costanza was notoriously good at this, and became angered when he believed Kramer had stopped short on Estelle. George sometimes says it, too.

Kramer uses the line in an episode where he and Jerry switch apartments and personalities. Considered by the elder Seinfeld to be one of his greatest accomplishments. Also known as "The Executive. They're running out of shrimp. This condition may cause a couple to sleep in different beds; Frank and Estelle Costanza resorted to sleeping in twin beds as a result of her jimmy arm.

The move - Jerry's complicated special move he uses during sexual intercourse. It ends with a swirl as opposed to George's unpopular alternative, which ends with a pinch. George was able to master Jerry's move only with crib notes he scribbles on his hand which got him in trouble. The old switcheroo - George mistakenly uses this phrase as applying to when someone has done something to you, you do the same thing to them.

Jerry explains that George is thinking of "what is good for the goose is good for the gander. The twirl - Jerry used to sell umbrellas on the street and claims he invented holding the umbrella open over one's shoulder and twirling it. The twirl must be done at a certain speed; otherwise, the twirler will disorient the customer. Toe thumbs - one of Jerry's girlfriends had a mysterious "tractor story. Later used as a filler phrase when irritated or nervous, and at a loss for words.

Jackie Chiles repeats this line, word for word, in The Finale. To name name s - an expression of the ultimate and irredeemable betrayal of an until then shared idea, or good; it refers to the betrayer. Trifecta —combining sex, watching television, and eating into one activity.

Sex dating in wilhelm texas Sex dating in wilhelm texas

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