Fake russian dates


Fake russian dates

Logged in users can view full social security numbers and can save their fake names to use later. Jan 04,  · Fraudsters Automate Russian (a number of dates and a year “The fact that anyone actually falls for that kind of fake profile to me is. Russian Watch Guide - Facts, tips and Information about Russian watches by Vostok, Volmax, Poljot, Raketa and other Russian watch manufacturers.

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NPR: 25 Million Votes For Clinton ‘Completely Fake’ – She Lost Popular Vote

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And many of the dead, registered voters somehow keep voting Democrat from beyond the grave, most recently in Philadelphia, Penn. Clinton won most of the most populous counties in the US that account for half of the total votes in the election, including dense urban areas in New York and California, yet she only won the popular vote by 2.

That said, a popular vote victory is meaningless; if the president was elected by popular vote, then both Trump and Clinton would have campaigned in entirely different states because only densely population regions of the U. Without the electoral college, the United States of America would be reduced to the United States of New York and California, with 48 other vassal states.

Yet notice how Clinton campaigned in other, less populated states. They knew the popular vote was meaningless ahead of the election. However, the popular vote is useful as a barometer for voter fraud since the most populous countries are also the most susceptible to election tampering by illegal, invalid and dead voters.

The entire election process is a fraud. America is no longer a republic, but rather a fascist state controlled by elite Joo banksters and oligarchs. The rest is all a theatrical production. AND thats a Russian Flag on the left.. It has been non-stop fake news posted by my conservative friends.

First you must use reliable sources to debunk a fake site and snopes is not reliable!! As the owner is so pro obuma he called the truth a lie even though it was recorded by some twenty news venders when the event happened!!! So if you used snopes its nowounder they ignored you!!! Maybe as many times as you told people to provide proof maybe, just maybe you should look into your own damn resources.

Yo merely cite a Forbes article that in turn references a Daily Mail article. Now, I understand why you chose to obfuscate the fact that your entire point rests on a Daily Mail article, as the Daily Mail is a known purveyor of unsourced, purely fabricated, obviously biased nonsense, but trying to remove the claims a step by using the Forbes intermediary is fooling no one. Moreover, the Forbes article does NOT help your case.

Did you even read it?!? In fact, he answered them directly. The issue he refrained from answering questions about related to his divorce proceedings, an issue for which he had legal and moral reasons preventing his candor, not leas of which was a legally binding nondisclosure agreement.

You should try doing the same. Or many others just as obvious fake debunking by snopes that I have no intention of wasting time to list!!! But you go right on believing every lie told you over the years!!! As for your claims about Jefferson, it is not surprising that you cherry picked that quote, and furthermore, conveniently failed to repeat the full quote, or put it in context.

First, he was decrying the very same type of media, like Brietbart today, that is causing the current raft of issues with fake news. But as to newspapers as a whole, this quote complete and accurate is far more informative: As I was watching live that night I know they sat down during that part of the event!!!

Now can you say otherwise??? Yes I can, as I have seen actual video of that portion of the speech, from multiple angles, and those actual videos show definitively that you are not only full of shit, you are a liar. More noticeable was all those women democrats wearing white sitting down as one remained standing!!! You can take whatever you want. Your claims are lies, which is why you can present ZERO actual evidence. And your claims about what you saw during the actual event are lies, as they did not happen.

Why should I lie about watching a bunch of hateful democrats sitting down when its obvious that they sat down throughout the whole time Trump was speaking!!!

And I did not post links because I never post links to TV archives or any other item of discussion as someone like you can then say that its a fake site or not there so its not real!!! So now with that excuse ripped away you try to call me a liar with now way to prove your hypothesis!!! Thus you have made a fool of yourself without my input!!! Why should you lie? Who knows, maybe because it is just in your nature.

Or maybe because you are covering for an intellect incapable of ascertain actual facts from evidence. You are fooling no one. As you obviously failed to watch it live what good are your links??? As you continue to refuse to hear the truth!!! By the way live means there is no edited screens as you like to claim so as I am watching the standing ovation for two minutes the news crew has not jumped to another part of the speach from later on!!!

First of all, in , live most certainly does not mean that. Even live broadcasts are on a delay. Because the only way you saw that is if you had a specially crafted feed direct to only your television.

That came before the section you claim that clip to have come from!!! You see I know all about that 3sec. Delay as well and why thy have it!!! So any cutting was from camera to camera front back and side views!!! But not one time jump!!! What about lost or changed absentee ballots. The average American is all about securing this Nation, and realizes we are under no obligation to accept anyone into this country, it is a privilege.

Most of us would love to see a drastic reduction on all immigration as most that come here end up on Government assistance. Seniors and Disabled Vet.

It is time for Americans first! We can no longer pretend to be financially able to support the world. The time is for honesty, not ignorance, and certainly not arguing! After so many years of our own citizenry being forced to make sacrifices for the common good, we should not be made to feel guilty for wanting to say it is our time to be considered. We need security, and economic growth. We need to heal as a Nation, and come to some common agreements on numbers of immigrants allowed in America.

They had already been vetted to enter this country and had a contract with the US government to be able to do so. It was the office of the President who unconstitutionally broke our end of the contract. Very honest, thoughtful, and common sense statements! Totally agree with your comments.. Does anyone have a link to the NPR-sourced report? Just thought you might appreciate knowing the links were there…in case nobody else brought it to your attention. I was trying to be helpful.

But since when did knowing WTF you were talking about ever stop you brainless sock puppets on the right from claiming things that had no basis in fact? The links above do NOT point to the original research, and that research does NOT say what the moronic author of this article is claiming it says, which is why Jesse RIchman or Old Dominion University, who wrote the first paper mentioned about, is telling both Trump and his fake news surrogates in the fake press, like that empty mouth piece Sean Adl-Tabatabai to STOP misquoting and misusing his paper: First, the idea that you post links to fake news sites like the Washington Times and InfoWars as citations to bolster your case is telling.

Furthermore, even if you did buy that nonsense, NONE of those links actually support your claims. So by your statement, do you suggest that we take the word of MSNBC, or CNN, both historically known to edit interviews, stage fake demonstrations, and contradict well established facts!

They are also historically known to double and triple check facts and sources. Washington Times is not fake news. That would be the Washington Post. You consider anything not hard left as fake. That is where the proof of fake news lies. Yes, it is, and simply typing words into the internets does not make them true. Um, no I am not. You are a special kind of stupid.

Woe are you a mouthful of communist feces. First, learn English you moron. And commas are not periods. Get a fucking dictionary, FFS! Using the word in a sentence does not prove what it means, nor does your claimed definition even make any sense in the sentence you used!

You know what does? Woe n A great sorrow or distress. Clearly you have never heard of it. It lists words in alphabetical order along with their definitions. Deep trouble is the source of fearfulness!! And you put the gramme in grammar. I suggest you read and reread from the end before you hit post. Thats how i was taught to proofread and it works pretty well. I think you and your gutter mouth owe several people an apology as you are not as smart as you think you are.

Yeah, really… The fact that you think not rather indicates your own lack of ability to formulate cogent arguments.

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Saudi women allowed to drive in latest reform push by prince Saudi women will be allowed to drive in the latest reform push by the crown prince. I love the western Ziomedia. Government gives glimpse of border wall prototype work The federal government has given the media a first peek at construction of prototypes for President Donald Trump's proposed border wall. Researchers find graphite made by mystery living organisms four billion years ago However the correspondence of this shroud with the shroud in Turin, and its very origin has been debated by scholars and lay authors, with claims of forgery attributed to artists born a century apart. More reports of sexual violence against Rohingya The head of the U. Harry hails Britain's 'Superman': Fake russian dates Fake russian dates



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